Autumn – 2020 SOUNDTRACK

Autumn – 2020 SOUNDTRACK

Woop, haven’t updated my music cathegory since November 2018, so I guess it’s time! Here’s what I’ve been lsitening to lately. (I’m trying to sort them in genres(ish), like easy-on-the-ears-pop first and a bit darker/heavier music after…)

Klara Hammarström – You should know me better
The Weeknd – Blinding lights
Tones And I – Bad child
Rhys – Too good to be true
Ellie King – Ex’s & Oh’s
Demi Lovato – Skyscraper
Dotter – Bulletproof
Jordin Sparks – S.O.S. (let the music play)

Rise Against – Prayer of the refugee
Lastkaj 14 – Börja om
Ghost – Mary on a cross
Ghost – Square hammer
Sabaton – To hell and back
Sabaton – Sparta
Sabaton – The last stand
KISS KISS BANG – When it rains

If something new finds its way to my Spotify during autumn I’ll update this post, be so sure.
You can check out my Spotify HERE btw. So long! 😉

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